Five Things to NOT Believe about Cookware and Bakeware

February 20, 2013

Ah, the web.  Source of so much knowledge and so much miss-information.  Herewith we bring to you   things to NOT believe when you read them on the web, no matter how authoritative they may seem:

  1. PTFE or Teflon has been “phased out”,  “banned” or “unavailable” after such and such a date.  Wrong wrong wrong…. PTFE is the active food release ingredient in many nonstick coatings, including Teflon, a registered trademark of Du Pont.  Self-identified environmental columnists/bloggers confuse PTFE with PFOA. They are two different things.  Yes, the EPA has reached an agreement with nonstick producers to eliminate the chemical PFOA in their processes for making PTFE and as of today, it is completely removed from all traditional nonstick coatings made by reputable firms. But PTFE is still around, and so is Teflon and it will be, despite the so-called experts columns.
  2. Aluminum causes Alzheimer’s disease.  Yes, there are still “experts” that proclaim that aluminum ingestion causes this awful disease.  There are also people who believe we live on a flat planet.  There’s never been any truth to this canard, which dates back 50 years.  Interestingly, in the 1920’s aluminum supposedly caused stomach cancer. Truth is, almost 100 percent of aluminum cookware today is coated with nonstick coatings anyway, which means raw aluminum never touches the food in the first place. And most of these claims come from shyster salespeople trying to sell you on our next myth….
  3. There is cookware that will produce “health”.  Hotshot cookware salesmen  and saleswomen make money claiming their cookware is somehow “healthy” or doesn’t poison your food, or will produce extra vitamins in one’s diet.  Notice they are usually selling a product which does this and whatever you have home doesn’t. There are reasons to buy high priced cookware, one of which is the typical lifetime warranty (which is for “real”), but the health claims are bogus.
  4. This cookware is friendly to the environment.  The energy consumed by making all the cookware in the world in the year has less impact almost any other thing:  flying, driving, using electricity, etc. etc.  Cookware claims about being somehow “Green” are usually based on faulty science.  Many things affect the environment, but cookware’s manufacture is so tiny as to be inconsequential.
  5. “X” = Cookware/Bakeware is the best:  “Best” by who’s standard.  Chef’s sell their names for money.  Endorsements are a dime a dozen. There’s no one “best cookware” out there.  The best is what suits your budget, cooking lifestyle, and your comfort level.  Don’t feel guilty about your cookware or your bakeware. If you like it and it works for you, enjoy it!!