Inattention Causes Death

August 19, 2010

A depressingly familiar story today:

Food left on a stove is the apparent cause of a mobile home fire in Meridianville this morning that claimed a man’s life. The name of the victim, a man who lived in the mobile home on the 100 block of Planters Road, has not been released, said Aaron Pearson, an investigator with the Madison County Fire Marshal’s Office.

Pearson said the victim left some food in a pot on a stove eye and “either fell asleep or forgot about it.”

Some 150,000 home fires are caused by cooking each year according to the NFPA (National Fire Prevention Association).  A majority of these by unattended foods atop the stove which catch fire. These result in 500 deaths and nearly 5,000 injuries.

Sometimes the person which starts cooking falls asleep, or gets distracted with a phone call or watching TV.  Most every one who cooks has done it at least once.  Sadly, in structures such as mobile homes, a major and deadly fire is even more likely than other buildings.  That’s one reason we recommend a timer always be used when cooking. They are inexpensive if one is not built into your cooktop or range.  Get in the habit of using it whenever you cook and you’ll remove a major cause of fire in the home.

As Smokey would paraphrase it…”Only the cook can prevent kitchen fires.”